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Underground Cooling

An Information Resource on the cooling of Undergound Workings: Mines Transportation Systems, Nuclear Waste Storage...

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The most technically challenging problems are those facing the mining industry. In South African gold mines the next phase of development will take place below 4,000m (2.5 miles).

New technologies are needed to solve the heat accumulation problems. 


Bringing coolth* and relief to overheated Travellers and workers worldwide, on the Subway, The Metro or the Tube. 

If we approach the 'problem' intelligently then we could simultaneously be cooling the travellers and providing winter warmth for Londoners. Interseasonal Thermal Storage is the obvious route.

We hope to 'hear' from people from around the world with ideas to make life easier for those of us who have to venture into the bowels of the earth to earn our daily crust.

Can we cool the underground and become greener at the same time? Read on......


The topic of Underground Cooling is inextricably bound up with Underground Heat and Cold Energy Storage (UTES), in fact the ground surrounding deep tunnels in underground transportation systems have absorbed hundreds of GigaWatt-hours of energy, becoming an enormous energy store that we can use to our benefit (if we are inclined to do so).

Our cities are getting hotter and we need to get serious and smart about managing and conserving BOTH forms of energy. An environmentally sound approach is essential. Adding to London's already high levels of thermal pollution is obviously unacceptable. Becoming Carbon Neutral in a period of less than a decade is a worthwhile, ambitious and very challenging goal to set ourselves.

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*  The opposite of warmth

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